Case Studies

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Here you can find case studies of other companies that operate cars and vans efficiently and effectively. Each case study focuses on a particular area of business, such as reducing fuel bills, tackling driver behaviour and cutting the cost of maintenance and features in most instances a small to medium sized company. But we have also pulled out some best practice from larger companies that operate more cars and vans to give you an insight into how their processes result in much greater levels of savings – some of which you could introduce into your own business.

Case Study: Hager UK
25 March 2012 13:38
Electrical manufacturer, Hager UK, has cut its road accidents by more than 50% simply by educating its company car drivers using bespoke courses run by specialist trainers TTC Automotive, part of the TTC Group.
Case Study: Glasgow City Council
24 March 2012 12:43
How Glasgow City Council saved more than £1 million.
Case Study: RES Teesdale Scaffold
24 March 2012 12:29
A scaffolding company is aiming to improve the image of the industry in which it operates after being identified as one of Britain’s safest fleets.
Case Study: Cordek
24 March 2012 12:11
Every business has its own approach towards owning and running company vehicles – and each one is convinced it has the right method.
Case Study: British Library
24 March 2012 12:06
The British Library operates a fleet of two Volkswagen Transporters and a Skoda Fabia Greenline estate car, travelling around 100,000 miles a year.
Case Study: The Royal Parks
15 March 2012 10:41
Company cars and vans has environmental focus in capital’s green spaces.
Case Study: CGGVeritas
15 March 2012 10:35
Boardroom success vital to safety and cost success.