Managing SMR - top tips for employers

27/03/2012 in Maintenance Options

  • If using an independent garage, ensure that it’s reputable and reliable.
  • Before selecting a supplier, understand the total costs of the repair, including labour and parts.
  • If vehicles are on contract hire, make sure it is inclusive of SMR. It means the leasing provider will arrange for work to be carried out by an approved supplier and will also monitor all work carried for quality and price.
  • If purchasing vehicles outright learn from the leasing companies and build in a series of pre and post SMR controls to ensure value for money or turn to a fleet management company to ensure the quality of repair work is monitored, invoices are correct and there is no ‘up selling’ of replacement parts.
  • Some suppliers will be better equipped to carry out specific tasks than others so select one based on the job and the vehicle.
  • Make sure that using an independent won’t invalidate warranty and manufacturer ‘goodwill’.
  • Ask a leasing company/fleet management company for an illustration of the cost difference on a typical three-year contract for having a car serviced inside and outside the franchise network.
  • If new vehicles are available with a service inclusive package - such as BMWs and Minis - it makes financial sense to buy one when acquiring the vehicle.
  • There are no short cuts with SMR work In an increasingly litigious society maintaining vehicles strictly in accordance with manufacturer recommendations is a crucial part of occupational road risk management.